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Receiving Dental Care in Mexico – Everything You Need to Know About It

Many Americans have been known to cross the Mexican border specifically for leveraging their dental insurance in Mexico at a more affordable price. Dental appointments in Mexico can save you a lot of money, as the Mexican dentists are specialized and in many cases cover the American dental insurance.

Having in mind that almost 60 percent of the Americans have dental insurance coverage, a percent which is at its highest in decades, the nation’s population often opts out to get dental coverage for cheap prices in Mexico. The variety of dental work in Mexico covers basically every possible issue, from a toothache to sophisticated works like crowns, implants and false teeth.

The cheap dental care in Mexico in places such as Los Algodones and Tijuana, where the Mexican dentists speak English and sometimes even accept the US insurance policies say that a large portion of their clients are seniors, with post-retirement health benefits that nowadays are not offered anymore.

dental insurance in mexico

Many clinics in Mexico accept U.S. insurance

The truth is, the US dental insurance companies always have lists of rates settled to the type of service for a given policy, which means that these rates are for their in-network providers who are contracted with companies in order to provide such services. Therefore, when a dental patient receives a dental service from another provider in the United States the insurance typically covers only a percentage of the published rate. That is why Americans leverage the dental care abroad for any emergency or sophisticated dental work they are up to.

Although the Mexican dental care is proven to be stable and reliable, there is a piece of advice that every American should be aware of before opting out for this solution. Moreover, before going to the dentist in Mexico, every American should call the dental insurance provider and determine whether the insurance is covered in the first place.

Afterwards, the dental appointment must be checked prior to the arrival in Mexico, so that the patient is assured of his American insurance coverage as well as if the Mexican dental provider knows how to itemize the dental services on a proper format so that the insurance company accepts it in the end.

At last, the receipt should be always mailed to the dental insurance account address which is provided by the insurance company. This must be done in a timely manner, so that a proper status update is received within a reasonable amount of time. The savings from receiving first-rate dental care services in Mexico always come with a greatly discounted rates and have been the most affordable solution for many Americans, obviously within the frame of the US dental insurance.

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