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Koosi Dental Studio is led by its founding member: Dr. Alejandra Arrechedera. Alejandra is specialist in oral prosthesis and has worked for over 10 years with highly recognized dental clinics in Mexico City and Cancun. She has a broad experience in dentistry tourism and graduated with honors  from the Universidad Autónoma de México where she received her Masters Degree in Oral Rehabilitation.  Dr. Arrechedera has been certified by the Mexican Council of Oral and Maxillofacial Rehabilitation. All Koosi’s specialists have been selected for their accredited and established competence based on their successful practice.

Dr. Alejandra Arrechedera

Our Studio

We have designed our facilities to the highest standards of quality and technology internationally. Here we have specialist in all fields of dentistry, such as: Oral Rehabilitation, Restorative, Orthodontics, Pediatric Dentistry, Periodontics, Endodontics, and Oral Surgery. 

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At Koosi Dental Studio we cover all areas of dentistry and we have specialists for each.

Prosthesis & Rehabilitation

It is the area of ​​dentistry that deals with reset missing teeth and conserving in good condition that are still in mouth. The dental prosthetist is one who makes fixed prostheses(Bridges) and removable; crowns and dentures simple and implant; as well as rehabilitation encompassing aesthetic veneers (veneers), free crowns metal in the anterior region, resins and restorations.


One of the most famous specialties is that that is responsible for preventing and correcting malpositions and dental malocclusion (bad bite) through controlled and systematic tooth movements.The orthodontist not only handles the positioning brackets and arches, is also responsible for conducting preventive treatment through orthopedics, where it helps and guides the jaws grow enough to avoid the lack of space teeth to come and reduce the duration and complexity of subsequent processing.


The endodontist is one who is responsible for resolving all problems concerning the roots and nerves of the teeth. The best known is the treatment of ducts, where it is removed the alveolar nerve and proceeds to clean depth ducts hosting this nerve for some reason, usually caries or in other cases a fracture has been contaminated with bacteria causing inflammation and pain. The objective of this treatment is to eliminate pain and completely disinfect the ducts later to seal well and not allow bacterial entry.


Periodontics is the specialty that prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseasesand conditions affecting the tissues that support the teeth (Gingiva, periodontal ligament, cement radicular and alveolar bone).



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