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Dr Julio Navarro, General & Cosmetic Dentistry

Los Algodones
Dr Julio Navarro, General & Cosmetic Dentistry

About Dr. Julio Navarro Dental Office Implants

Dental Office Implants, located in Los Algodones, offers implants. The specialists Dr. Guadalupe Navarro Nogami & Dr. Julio Navarro are committed to offer quality dental treatment and care. We are dedicated to excellence in all areas of general dentistry. Dr. Navarro is highly skilled and passionate about preventative and restorative dentistry.

The pair is widely regarded for their expertise in cosmetic dentistry. A number of advanced treatments are available. We combine art and modern science to bring together and create the most valuable, attractive and confidence-inspiring accessory you will ever have – a perfect smile.

dr julio navarro los algodones


Diplomat in Implant Dentistry – Loma Linda University
Diplomat in Prothodontics -Loma Linda University
Diplomat in Advance Surgury – Loma Linda University

Accreditations: ADM Certified

Our Office



  • Surface Restoration
  • X-Ray
  • Porcelain Crown(Metal Fused)
  • Porcelain Jackets or EMAX
  • Zircon Crowns
  • Unilateral Partial
  • Bilateral Partial
  • Reline Set
  • Tooth Flipper
  • Night Guard
  • Extractions
  • Surgery
  • General Anesthetic
  • Therapy
  • Fiber Post
  • Endodontics


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